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W is for "Webdesign"

Written: 26 Apr 2024 (Index by date)

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I’ve been in involved in web-adjacent technology for pretty much all of my working life. I’ve worked on some significant large scale websites (both government and retail). Despite that, I’ve done very little web design. Even when working for a Ruby consultancy I was mostly involved in back end components.

Furthermore, when in school my artistic eye never really developed. As a result my web design skills are pretty much non-existent. But within that space I’ve learned plenty in the course of maintaining this blog, especially over the this A-to-Z series. It’s definitely rejuvinated a bit of passion for me in the world of tech.

That said, I’m still mindful of my limits. I’m thankful that the tech space is sufficiently broad that this lack hasn’t held me back. I’ve been able to write backend or system code or look after infrastructure, deliver training, and others besides.

I’m unlikely to switch directly into web dev but I am at least scratching that itch, the desire to learn.

Whether in technology or not (and whether intentional or not), what facets of your industry have you avoided?

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