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U is for "Unfinished"

Written: 24 Apr 2024 (Index by date)

Tags: a-to-z  tech  (Index by tag)

When I still lived in Manchester a friend asked me to join a small project he’d created. This was a small volunteer organisation which hosted websites for local community organisations at zero cost.

Today’s letter, U, represents the name of this venture: The Unfinished Project. The name is to describe our mindset for the project, that work is never complete, that it’s always unfinished, that there is always something more to do.

It’s typically been 2 or 3 core people running it for the past 20 years but we’ve also taken on young folk interested in technologies adjacent to websites, email, and hosting. It has been great to provide these people with an opportunity to work on real public facing systems and gain experience, and see these people move on to bigger things.

Even though Unfinished stuff takes little of my time these days, this mentoring side of things has long been important to me and I’ve been very lucky to be able to incorporate it into my career for vast chunks of it, in addition to the volunteer capacity I mention here.

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