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N is for 'New Beginnings'

Written: 16 Apr 2024 (Index by date)

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Today's topic is one that makes me slightly nervous, although that's not today's word. The word (perhaps phrase would be better) is new beginnings.

Having worked for the same company for eight and a half years, in December I quit my job with the intention of having a short break and then starting my own company. In March, I did exactly that. I've started a technical consultancy offering services in my areas of expertise (software development, cloud solutions, and delivering technical training).

I've called my company mlem blep Ltd. Continuing the cat theme, the company logo is a drawing of my cat, Freddie, with his tongue out (having just been interrupted washing himself). There are a couple more pictures of him in my [post earlier in this series](/2024/04/06/f-is-for-felines.html) in which I wrote about cats. Simple outline of a cat with its tongue sticking out

You can see the site at . For the moment it's just me, but I am open to the idea of growing if, as, and when it feels right.

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