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J is for "Jekyll"

Written: 11 Apr 2024 (Index by date)

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This website is simple - both in terms of functionality and design. This is intentional. I want to be able to focus on the content. Other than the comment system (which is hosted separately), there isn’t even a database. I write the posts in a plain text editor.

I use the site-generator Jekyll, and this is the “J” mentioned in the title of today’s post. I’m aware of a similar piece of software called Hugo. Both work in this space, but Jekyll has existed for a little longer (since 2008) than Hugo (since 2013).

I write in markdown the majority of the time (with .html in a couple of cases), and Jekyll does the transformation into static files. I then upload the result to my webserver.

There’s therefore no user accounts, no password to be guessed resulting in a possible breach.

Those of you with blogs, do you use a fully fledged CMS or a lightweight templating system. Is it one you wrote or is it an existing product?

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