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Written: 08 Apr 2024 (Index by date)

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I like to play games - of the boardgame and cardgame variety.

A few years ago I came across a flowchart which can help to decide what game to play within a group based on different factors and preferences. I’m not sure of the exact origin, but the earliest source I’ve found is from January 2015:

How to choose the perfect boardgame

The games I play aren’t limited to what’s on this flow chart. I typically prefer the strategy and team based games, in addition to the co-operative where players have a common shared goal rather than in competition against one another. Naturally, the games I like to play change over time but some of my current favourites are:

Hanabi (2010)

A co-op game where players must play as many cards in sequence. This game is unusual in that one plays without seeing one’s own cards; instead players hold their hands with cards facing outwards.

Pictures (2019)

I have very little artistic skill but somehow this game somehow captures my interest. There are several photos and each player has different materials with which they have to create a representation of one of the pictures. The other players must guess which piece is being created.

Turing Machine (2022)

Unrelated to Alan Turing, this came is pure logic game. It can be played co-operatively, competitively or solo. The goal is to work out a 3 digit secret code using clue cards (e.g. “Is the first digit even”) and through making guesses to the code and performing these tests, the code can eventually be deduced.

Bridge (1925?)

The exact date is hard to pin down. This is the famous 4-player game originally invented in the UK but now played worldwide. A few years ago (before Covid) I used to play a lot of bridge but I don’t play much now. I never really got on with formal bridge clubs - I’ve tried a couple. Time is a finite resource but I have been thinking recently that I’d like to start playing again.

Hare and Tortoise (1973)

This is a race game, but rather than based on luck of a die one can choose how quickly or slowly to move. Faster moves are more expensive and slower moves are cheaper. Move too quickly and one runs the risk of running out of the game’s currency (carrots).

And you?

What games are your favourites?

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