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E is for 'Events'

Written: 05 Apr 2024 (Index by date)

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The series “A-to-Z Blogging Challenge” continues with today’s blog entry on the topic of Events. I have a number of varied hobbies and it’s fun to spend time with people to share in these interests.

Two events worthy of mention are MatjsJam and EMF.

MathsJam is a medium-sized event (a little over 100 people) filled with talks and games on mathematics and taking place every year. Some of it serious, much of it less so but pretty much all engaging. There’s even a baking competition. Thinking to yesterday’s post on desserts I should probably take part - so far I’ve not got around to it. Being a smaller event compared to some of the others I go to, this is also the event where I gave some of my earliest talks. So it has a warm place in my heart for that reason too.

What about EMF? The name is a pun - with the letters standing for Electro Magnetic Field. The event is a geek festival taking place over a long weekend. 3000-odd people camping in a field with letures, workshops, presentations etc. The official EMF Camp website gives more information.

It takes place every other year (on the even years) and this year is in Eastnor, Herefordshire. It has sold out, so unless you’ve got tickets already (or decide to submit a talk and that talk is accepted) you’ll need to wait a couple of years to take part.

I suspect at least one my readers is the kind of person to go to one or even both of these. But for those of you with different interests, what events do you like to go to?

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