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D is for 'Dessert'

Written: 04 Apr 2024 (Index by date)

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Living alone I don’t bake desserts all that often because I’ll be tempted to eat them at an unhealthy rate! But I do enjoy baking for a social event, whether I’m hosting or attending.

I find it frustrating that recipe sites often contain information extraneous to the recipe because when I’m working to a recipe, I’m typically using my phone which has a small display and so screen space is at a premium. That said, I do understand why it’s done this way. (Broadly speaking: Recipes can’t be copyrighted. but the associated narrative can be). I recently discovered a couple of tools which scan recipe sites and extract the relevant sections. They are Just The Recipe and cooked wiki.

I’ve a few recipes that I like to cook semi-often, some of which are my own and some of which are recipes from elsewhere. Focussing on today’s theme, I’ve selected some desserts to showcase here.

Chocolate orange cake

Not my recipe, but this one is probably my favourite. It is a huge labour of love, mainly because I prepare it over a couple of evenings. The first one I’ll candy the orange peel and then the next evening is for the cake itself. But the benefit is that I then have candied orange peel to snack on.

The chocolate sauce The covering for this cake

The candied orange peel drying The candied orange peel

The candied orange peel ready to eat The candied orange peel

The finished cake The finished cake

Chewy chocolate chip cookies This one is also not mine, again from the BBC Good Food site.

Also on my website is an uncategorised list of my own recipes . These are written without the fluff I lamented above. There’ll be no need to use one of the stripping tools I mentioned. One in particular I’d like to highlight is a lemon meringue pie. Here’s some I made during the first lockdown. It’s a good way to re-use those Gu pots. Lemon meringue pies

What’s your favourite dish to cook? (Whether dessert or not)

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