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Written: 15 Dec 2021 (Index by date)

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For the past year or two I’ve been tracking my finances using a Plain text system called beancount. Following on from yesterday’s post on online grocery shopping, I was thinking about the sorts of graphs I can extract from my Beancount data.

For the graphs below I’ve left the dates present but removed the numbers. The shape is what tells the story.

My grocery expenditure, with bars for each quarter of the past almost 2 years:

Grocery expenditure

Relatively stable over the past year or so, with a tail-off in Q3 of this year. I can’t think of a reason why this might have changed; if anything I’d expect it to have increased a little (see my explanation for the next graph)

Deliveroo, grouped by month from March of this year

Deliveroo expenditure

It’s interesting to see my mood reflected in this graph. May was a rather difficult time for me for a few reasons(thankfully okay now). So I was cooking for myself a lot less and instead ordering food in. And in July I recall cooking a lot of my own food. Although as I write this,I recall that I also had some deliveroo vouchers as gift. So that wasn’t a direct expense to me and therefore isn’t represented in this graph.

Council Tax, grouped by month from several years ago.

Council tax expenses from 2016

I was aware of this change (because of the annual statements the council send me) but it’s pleasing to see one bill reducing, in a world which seems to have every other bill increasing.

Pet expenses, grouped by year

Pet expenses

This is the sharpest rising expense. Partly it’s insurance, and partly it’s the out-of-insurance expenses incurred as he has more health problems. But the main increase is the specialist food he needs.

I’ll finish with an obligatory picture of Freddie. He’s definitely worth it!

Deliveroo expenditure

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