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Oneword - Writing exercises

Written: 13 Dec 2021 (Index by date)

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Another nostaligiac post!

In the past I used to write a lot of prose. My dayjob has occasional call for it now but my time is normally spent writing code and mentoring people. That lack is part of my motivation for wanting to kickstart this blog. I’ve no idea how long I’ll keep this up. Maybe just until the 25th.

Most of what I write (and wrote, for that matter) is report or tutorial in nature with little inventive writing. I had a memory last night of a writing prompt technique that I encountered perhaps 15 or 20 years ago. This being “one word” - a single word is presented and the task is to write, unrefined, unplanned and unedited on that topic for 60 seconds.

I was curious and searched online and found a website called, precitably enough, OneWord which offers such suggestions. A new word is offered every few days. A fun thing aobut this site (and any others like it) are that users’ submissions are collated so you can read what others wrote (whether or not you make a submission for that particular word).

I don’t have the right sort of creative skills to write stories with plot and character, but this is the closest I get to creative writing.

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